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About me

I am a visiting assistant professor at SUNY Purchase and I hold a Ph.D in Linguistics from the University of Southern California. Originally from Spain, I did my undergraduate studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I studied English Philology. My initial goal was to become an English teacher once I graduated. However, during my Senior year I took an introductory class to Generative Syntax and I was smitten. It was a mind-opening experience for someone trained solely in traditional grammar, and I was certain that I wanted to go well beyond that introductory class. That is why, after receiving two M.A. degrees in Spain (in Hispanic Linguistics and Spanish as a Second Language), I decided to cross the pond and move to California to pursue an academic career in linguistics.

At USC, I specialized in syntax and its intersection with morphology and semantics. My dissertation focused on the syntax of argument structure and its relationship with verbal aspect, thematic interpretation and derivational morphology.

At SUNY Purchase, I coordinate the Spanish language program and teach courses on linguistics, language and culture, translation and Spanish as a second language. Outside the classroom, I manage two student clubs: the Spanish Coffee Hour and the Spanish Cineclub, the latter of which I founded this year.

On the more informal side, I am a movie buff, and I enjoy classic Hollywood films in particular (in case this silent-era themed website was not enough of a hint), so Los Angeles was a really exciting place for me to live in. However, I was not thrilled about the perpetual summertime of the area, so I am really enjoying the cold weather in NY (yes, really!). I am also enjoying the nature in Westchester county. You can see some of the friends I have made in my neighborhood here. In terms of music, I have recently discovered Francesca Solleville, and now I cannot take her “Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent?” out of my head.

Research interests


Syntax, syntax-semantics interface, morphosyntax, diachronic syntax, psycholinguistics.


The verb phrase, Aktionsart, argument and thematic structure, participles, adjectives, auxiliary and (pseudo-)copulative verbs, passives.

Curriculum Vitae

The latest version of my CV can be accessed here.


Below you can find an updated selection of my papers. Comments are always very welcome!


The Morphosyntax of States: Deriving Aspect and Event Roles from Argument Structure.      Doctoral dissertation, University of Southern California. (final registered version)


“Aspect and argument structure in adjectival passives”, Borealis 6:1 (published version)

“The temporal syntax of ser and estar" (joint work with Mythili Menon), Colloquium on Generative Grammar 27 (handout)

“Location verbs and the instrument-subject alternation”, Proceedings of WCCFL 34 (final version)

“The aspectual composition of adjectival passives”, Proceedings of CLS 50 (final version)


“Deriving aspect-alternating verbs without θ-roles”, Proceedings of NELS 46 (final version)

“Event structures of se. A case study of the Spanish light verb quedar(se)", A workshop on Romance se/si (handout)

“Causative states in first-phase syntax", Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 19 (slides)


“The Spanish quedar passive and its relevance for the typology of adjectival passives", Going Romance 28 (handout)

“Auxiliary selection in the perfect", CGG 24 (poster)


“La selección de auxiliares en los tiempos compuestos: un análisis formal del español antiguo" [Auxiliary Selection in Complex Tenses: A Formal Analysis of Old Spanish] (master's thesis)


Campus Involvement


Spanish Cineclub

At Purchase College, I am the founder and host of the Spanish Cineclub, a venue for watching and discussing Hispanic movies that is open to all the campus community. We meet every other week.


Spanish Coffee Hour

I host the Spanish Coffee Hour in cooperation with the Multicultural Center at Purchase College. It is a group that meets weekly, where students can practice their Spanish in a relaxed environment.